2017 upgrade L model

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Total sales always the first

Performance upgraded, price still the same

1. The frame is thickened, the body is more durable, the base is more stable

2. Engine is more powerful now to accommodate varied topography, it can climb hills easily

3. The frame is lengthened and more comfortable, all has platform shelter, it is efficient in both sunny and rainy weather.

4. double chain and double hand brake, safety factor is doubled, it can be stopped anytime even in steep mountain road.

5. All hydraulic hammer is made by joined venture of Japan and China, the strike power is much more than those made by joined venture of Korea and China.

6. The hydraulic system is more stable with our 20 years quality assurance.

7. Five star product warranty, vulnerable parts are more durable, after-sale response in 24 hours.

8. We have a lot of national patents with new innovations every year.

9. Support customization, we will supply full construction plans. 


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