Reasons for piston slippage of hydraulic pile driver

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Highway hydraulic pile driver is a common equipment in highway engineering, also known as barrier pile driver, in which the common pile drivers include hydraulic walking hammer, diesel hammer pile driver and high frequency

Hydraulic vibratory pile driver two. What about the piston slippage of the hydraulic pile driver? Now let's go and see:

(1) first of all, the internal parts of the hydraulic cylinder are improper, the parts deform and wear or the form and gauge tolerances exceed the limit, and the step resistance is too large, so that the piston speed of the hydraulic cylinder follows the travel side

Who do not like change, slip or kneeling. The reason is mostly because of the poor quality of the parts, the appearance of iron filings or sintering, so that the resistance increases,

Speed descent. Analogy: piston and piston rod is not the same, the heart or piston rod twists and turns, hydraulic cylinder or piston rod on the rail device orientation offset, sealing ring too tight or too loose

Etc.. The main method is to re repair or mediate, change damaged parts and clean iron filings.

(2) followed by hydraulic cylinder bore ultra poor machining. Because the piston and guide rail, cylinder and piston rod and so on have relative movement, if this situation occurs, it will aggravate wear

The centerline of cylinder can be decreased linearly. Then, when the piston works in the hydraulic cylinder, the friction resistance will be large and small, and slip or crawl will occur at the same time. The cleaning method is...

First grinding hydraulic cylinder, and then according to the needs of cooperation to manufacture pistons, grinding piston rod, equipped with guide sleeve.

(3) then the hydraulic pump or hydraulic cylinder enters the air. Air compression or expansion assembly creates piston slippage or creeping. The clear way is to check the hydraulic pump and set up a special line

Pneumatic device, quick operation, full trip, several times, exhaust.

(4) finally, the quality of the seal is directly related to slip or creeping. When the O sealing ring is applied at low pressure, it is compared with the U sealing ring because the surface pressure is high and dynamic

The difference of friction resistance is large, simple slip or creeping; the surface pressure of U type seal ring increases with the increase of pressure, but the sealing effect is correspondingly improved, but dynamic

The difference of friction resistance also increases, and the internal pressure increases, which affects the elasticity of rubber. Because of the increase of the contact resistance of the lip, the sealing ring will turn over and extend the lip margin

Simple to cause slip or crawl, in order to prevent its tipping, can use support ring to maintain its stability.

The above is a simple analysis of the reason why the piston of the hydraulic pile driver is slipping.

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