Code for safety operation of wave barrier pile drivers

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To operate large equipment, it is necessary to make sure its safety operation procedures in advance, and to be familiar with the operation, and safety is always the first. Then, the waveform barrier pile driver needs to be operated before operation

What kind of preparations do you have?

First of all, it must be preparation before work

1, operation waveform, guardrail, piling machine operator must be through professional training, at the same time have professional knowledge of this machine, certificate of appointment.

2, before the operation of the machine, you need to check the auxiliary equipment, supporting equipment, hydropower equipment and accessories, things are complete and well, the relevant work is in place, can meet the positive

Demand for regular work. Understand specific construction requirements and geological layout, and select machines and accessories that fit in with rig functions and meet construction requirements.

4. The working site of the waveform barrier pile driver should be flat and solid, and can meet the normal work and load demand of the drilling rig, and ensure the dredging and safety of the main channel.

5. The ground slope of the working condition of the drilling rig of the wave shield pile driver should be less than 5 degrees, and when the rig works on a sloping ground, it is necessary for the mast to be adjusted straight and to ensure drilling

The straight and accuracy of the hole. Check whether the oil level and smooth point are in accordance with the specifications and whether the hydraulic system is normal or not.

7, to prohibit access to the operating room, and all the staff shall not stay in track and frame; prohibit accumulation fuel in the work area, place any obstacle operation

. When the construction of the wave shield pile driver is in the night, it is necessary to have an excellent lighting equipment in the work area of the drilling rig. Also, in the low temperature zone, the hydraulic fluid needs to be preheated to 40 before the rig work

Work at about 5 degrees celsius. Check if the chassis track is extended and the locking system is useful. Ensure the stability of rig work.

The waveform barrier pile driver shall have significant safety signs within the scope of the drilling rig. There shall be no high-voltage wires at the top of the rig and within 5m of the surrounding area.

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