How to solve the sticking problem of hydraulic pile driver?

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The main reasons for the sticking of hydraulic pile driver are the following situations:

Hydraulic piling machine drill bucket speed driven mud scour hole wall or a super deep drilling, this situation will result in gravel drilling bucket extruded from the drain thrown to the wall clearance caused by drill hole wall, the probe guide, Kong Xie, stone drill hole collapse, necking, tooth wear will cause the card the phenomenon of drilling. So what should be done about it?:

Hydraulic pile driver "drill" after treatment methods are as follows:

(1) hydraulic piling machine caused by sticking accidents do not increase the drilling force provided rapid promotion way, is the most effective in the initial position of the accident under repeatedly put drilling bucket, and reverse circulation drilling bucket to make foreign body from loosening after falling in the filed of drilling bucket. Avoid hard drill hard in order to avoid the main volume of wire rope is pulled, the drill pipe was broken, resulting in great loss.

(2) the situation of sticking drill can be carried out by direct lifting method. The crane can be lifted directly. When the bucket bottom is opened, we must know the geological condition of the bottom of the bucket. For example, if the bottom of the bucket is opened in a pebble layer 35 meters deep and 30 meters above the mud layer, therefore, as long as you persist in lifting 5 meters, you can eliminate the danger.

(3) the piling machine can also drill around the drill bucket, that is, using underwater cutting or reverse circulation to clean the sediment around the drill pipe and then lift it. After drilling, you need a certain processing time, so you should maintain mud viscosity and water pressure, prevent collapse hole protection drilling machine. Sticking drill is a very harmful accident in construction, and the prevention is the main one, so as to avoid the occurrence of this kind of situation.

The above is about the analysis and treatment of pile driver's sticking problem. I hope I can help you,

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