Fault of guardrail pile driver in summer

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The summer so quietly coming, guardrail piling machine summer homework we should pay attention to adjusting the operation time, avoid long time operation and high temperature operation, due to the hot weather in summer of man and machine is a test, especially under the condition of high temperature will affect the hydraulic system and cooling system, then we to understand the fault barrier pile driver which often appear in the summer of operation, in order to avoid.

The high temperature is very annoying, also make the machine agitated, hydraulic system of piling machine will usually appear guardrail joint leakage, hydraulic valve stuck, detonation tube, shortcomings of the solenoid valve coil burned, big noise under the condition of high temperature; the hydraulic oil temperature is too high will cause damage to energy storage system, the circuit will be aging in summer because the metal thermal expansion and contraction can more easily lead to skin cracking resulting in short circuit, electric control cabinet guardrail piling machine components in the same under the condition of high temperature will appear a lot of accidents, the control unit and IPC, PLC and other important will be running slow, out of control, such as the crash.

The second is the impact on the engine under the condition of high temperature piling engine temperature firstly rises too fast in the fence, the outside temperature is too high will affect the engine, causing the oil viscosity decreased, resulting in burning tile, cylinder and other mechanical defects, leading to the power output of the engine is decreased, the continued high temperature on the permeability of the radiator cooling system is very strict, only high load operation, reducing the cooling system fan, water pump and other parts of the life, also made a certain influence on other aspects of the system.

Finally, because the summer temperature is high, the battery will be severely affected, slightly explosion risk may inadvertently, high-temperature tire wear will increase, also because of internal pressure, causing a puncture and external expansion, and the cockpit glass cracks due to temperature, the summer surface too large even burst phenomenon. In summer, there are many kinds of failures in the pile driving of the guardrail under high temperature operation, so the problems that the machine of the summer operation should pay special attention to are very much.

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